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Indian Food in Perth, WA

Anghiti — Bringing You Traditional Indian Delicacies

India has a rich potluck of strong and spicy flavours, offering a diverse selection of meat and vegetables. From all around the world, many people enjoy the zesty taste and strong aromas of these delicacies. Here at Anghiti, we can let you savour the rich flavours and experience authentic Indian cuisines you won't find anywhere.  
You do not have to go far just to experience the natural tastes of South Asian cuisines. We take pride in being the best Indian restaurant in Perth, offering a wide range of delicacies that will surely heighten your taste buds. We have highly skilled chefs and staff members who can prepare fresh batches of traditional Indian food including Samosas, Kadai Lamb, and Tandoori Chicken wings.

Our master chefs only use Anghiti pots to prepare all dishes. Fuelled with charcoal and wood, these cooking pots can evenly distribute heat for excellent grilling and cooking. These bring us a regional variety of mouth-watering meals our customers can enjoy.

Anghiti blends a standing tradition of culinary expertise with a philosophy of good wellbeing. We only want our customers to enjoy fresh ingredients. We take time selecting the best meat and vegetables to let customers enjoy real Indian food. We also include carefully selected spices and herbs to create an overwhelming play of flavours.

We also have high regards for customer satisfaction. We've taken the efforts to provide a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. All those who enter our restaurant are sure to experience a traditional Indian scene—vivid decors, stunning tablecloths, and Bollywood-like space. Anghiti also offers catering to corporate events and wedding. Our staff members will take time discussing and planning menus to create a lasting impression to your guests.

Visit us today to experience authentic and traditional Indian cuisine in Perth. Please feel free to browse through our menu and check our special offers!

Favourite Indian Restaurant In Western Australia 2010/2012

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Haandi Indian Restaurant

From the award winning Indian Restaurant Anghiti Innaloo comes Fremantle's newest Indian Restaurant HAANDI.

Haandi Indian Restaurant builds on the tradition that Anghiti Innaloo has created, and presents our famous Indian Cuisine that we have become renowned for in a truly breathtaking atmosphere.

This unique double story restaurant enables you to look directly into the tandoor and watch as we create our own type of magic.  All this combined with friendly staff, and food that is full of flavour and taste will ensure that you have a dining experience like no other.

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  • Excellent Indian food and friendly service. The portions are large enough to share and they are more than happy to spice things up if you like it hot! Highly recommend…

    Steve Smith 2011
  • You wont be disappointed if you are an indian curry lover. The way the food is cooked with the special clay wood fired ovens is what gives it its own uniques taste…

    Tony 2011
  • Love all the food, without doubt best Indian food in Perth, love the open kitchen and courteous staff. Great selection of food. Will go back!

    Belinda Hall November 2011
  • We were pleasantly surprised, very clean, great service but most of all the food was flavoursome and seemed more traditional than some of the other indian food i have had in perth.

    Rajvir January 2012
  • Even though it was a private function – the food was just amazing… being of north Indian heritage, I’m pretty critical of Indian food in Perth – but i have to admit this was the best Indian cuisine ever

    Online Review February 2012
  • Having moved to South Perth in last few months, I have struggled to find a half decent indian food in the area. The best I have tried to date is at Anghiti and i’m spewing I now have to make the trip to innaloo for it. Why? Because the food is made with love and spices.

    Online review February 2012
  • I recently visited Anghiti with my wife and son, both of whom were not huge fans of Indian Cuisine. Let us just say what a pleasent surprise it was for them.

    Allan Callisto January 2012
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Indian restaurant Perth

Our highly experienced chefs prepare the dishes on our menu fresh every day to ensure that our customers have the best dining experience every time they visit. Wood-fired clay ovens impart an authentic taste to curries that is not possible when using conventional gas cookers and the freshest herbs and spices enhance the flavour of your meal. Our award winning kitchen team are dedicated to maintain the highest standards and the waiting staffs provide a friendly, attentive service that complements the superb food and ensure that all of our customers have a fantastic time when dining in our restaurant.

Home or away

For Indian cuisine Perth curry lovers are spoilt for choice with the biggest number of restaurants in WA located here but we honestly believe that you will not find a more pleasant atmosphere or better food than right here in our Innaloo eatery. However, if you feel like eating in, we are happy to deliver our delicious dishes straight to your door. Our prices are very competitive and the generous portions ensure that everybody will be satisfied after their meals are finished. If you fancy a night in town, our open kitchen will entertain and amaze you with exotic flavours.