Indian Spices

Freshly ground Indian 


Why do we believe that our food here at Anghiti Innaloo is the best Indian food in Perth?

It is quite simple. We use the best local ingredients as well as the the best India has to offer. 

Our secret is our freshly ground Garam masala that is a mixture of over 12 different spices ground in specific quantities (a closely guarded secret). This is then added to every dish that leaves the kitchen. This is the Anghiti difference.


Local fresh Indian Cuisine
for everyone

Anghiti Restaurant Innaloo has been providing award winning Indian cuisine to the people of Perth for over ten years. At Anghiti, we pride ourselves in delivering the finest quality Indian cuisine in Perth by using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Best Indian Food Perth
Indian Tandoor
Butter Chicken

"Angithi came to Perth from Nairobi Kenya and I almost followed them.. Being a person from Indian Origin; I am qualified to say this is the best Indian Restaurant of Perth.. very authentic food.."

- Perthvijay